Job summary

Phnom Penh
Bachelor Degree
Job type:
Full time
USD 1,500 - USD 1,800

Group Human resource Manager

Job Description

1 Drive operational excellence.

2 Provide HR Strategic Planning Develop and strategy in compliance with corporate and business strategies.

3 Working with the department head to design the department structure, positions and

process system in compliance to its strategic mandate.

4 Review, Amend and Draft job description and qualifications required for the staff by business units and/or sister companies.

5 Develop, review and amend the HR Plans, Policies & procedures according to business

and organizational objectives.

6 Working closely with external parties to source the relevant HR

7 Prepare and oversee the HR budget and ensure the activities within budget.

8 Provide Technical & Professional Advice to Legal Representative for legal proceedings related to HR.

9 Set up the working methodology for succession planning analysis, implementation and


10 Develop the recruitment and selection process to include: Appointment - Confirmation / Termination / Resignation /Procedures/Process Decide recruitment channels.

11 Ensure compliance with local labour laws and standards.

12 Compensation Schemes & Benefits Management Review and analyse the subsidiaries: Jobs / roles Salaries, Ranking and benefit system.

13 Conduct Performance Appraisals. Review and analyse the performance appraisal and provide feedback to staff and management.

14 Formulate an effective Performance Appraisal Policy, Procedures and ensure its compliance.

15 Establish Employees Relations Management

16 Set up policies and procedures for the treatment of employees horizontal and vertical interorganizational conflicts.

17 Enhance Organization communications

18 Encourage and develop employee communications within the inter companies.

19 Ensure proper management of Staff amenities and occupational and health safety.

20 Human Resources Management Information Systems Review and assess the HR module and employ the ERP system Propose potential customization, if needed, on ERP HR module.

21 Follow up, guide, and monitor the implementation of ERP HR module at group level.

Job Requirement

1 Fluent in English & Khmer

2 At least BA in HR management, Master in HR manager is an advantage

3 Requirement and Personal qualities & behavioural traits – walk the talk Solidus way.

4 Organizational Skills, ability to set priorities and meet challenging deadlines.

5 Excellent command of English and Khmer: fluency in other languages would be an advantage.

6 Strong service and marketing orientation industry and ability to empathise with others

Self-directed Individual with Initiative.

7 Analytical & problem solving skills.

8 More than 8 years’ of experience in a similar position of HR leadership within a multinational company is required.

9 High proficiency in Microsoft Office and Project Management Software.

10 Ability to lead teams and empower staff

11 Ability to innovate and create new HR concepts and motivational scheme.

12 Ability to communicate and cooperate with everyone in the organization.

13 Ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural, multinational environment.

14 Great knowledge about people business and motivational skill

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