Job summary

Phnom Penh
Bachelor Degree
Job type:
Full time
USD 500 - USD 600

Senior Business Development Officer

Job Description
  • Provide inputs in the development of annual plan of actions for business development department which are in line with vision, mission, core value, goals and objectives as stated in long term and annual business plan of MFI.
  • Prepare SMART project proposals of design, pilot test, and roll-out of initiated/refined financial product (particularly non-credit products such as deposit/savings, remittance, ATM, mobile banking…), delivery mechanism, and market studies/researches.
  • Implement the assigned plan of actions  of business development department as stated in long-term and annual business plan of MFI.
  • Develop related manuals/guidelines (policies, processes/ procedures, tools, forms, reports, etc) of product development/refinement and researches/market studies as well as operations manuals of financial products especially non-credit product such as savings, money transfer, mobile banking etc.
  • Update existing product strategies and their delivery mechanism, in consultation with operations team and other relevant stakeholders, to meet the current client’s needs and demands, to align with vision, mission, core value, goals, and objectives as stated in long-term and annual business plan of MFI, and to be competitive position of the institution in the market.
  • Regularly monitor and report the changes of the market, legal and regulatory frameworks, and provide recommendations for refinements in product strategies and their delivery mechanism as necessary to line manager and other key relevant management.
  • Review existing product/service strategies and their delivery mechanism, in consultation with operations team and other relevant stakeholders, to ensure the meet of current client’s needs and demands.
  • Support strongly to all branches to ensure the right track and corrective manner for implementation of policies, processes and procedures.
  • Work in collaboration with System and Communication Department to create marketing strategies/programs/activities to promote the new and existing products and services and  MFI’s identity and brand name to the public.
  • Work in collaboration with Marketing Department to create marketing strategies/ programs/ activities to promote the new and existing products and services and MFI’s identity and brand name to the public;
  • Work with Training Team to design and refine training curriculum and materials and act as one of the key trainers for Operations Division to provide related training topics to operations team especially who work at field level to ensure that they are capable enough to do their tasks with professionalism and good customer services.
  • Work closely with other relevant departments, units, and provincial branch offices to create institutional infrastructure support to ensure readiness before starting each business project in any stage (design, pilot test, and roll-out). Ensure timely implementation of assigned business projects within time frame as set.
  • Regularly update line management about the progress and challenges encountered during the implementation of the projects.
  • Report on performance trend of products/ services of MFI to line management and other key relevant management.
  • Monitor regularly and report on performance trend of the microfinance industry and provide recommendations for refinements/ changes in product/ service strategies and their delivery mechanism as necessary to line management and other key relevant management.
  • Review all policies, lending processes and procedures on non-credit products and other relevant policy to ensure that there are no alignment to vision, mission, core value, goals, and objectives as stated in long-term and annual business plan of MFI.
  • Ensure competitive position of institution in the market in term of the offered products.
  • Build the self-capacity mainly on product development skills for the future development.
  • Assist Training Unit to design or revise training curriculum and training materials regarding to business development and act as one of the key trainers for Business Development Department.
  • Adopt positive behavior and attitudes which exemplify and encourage others to follow the company’s Mission, Vision, Core Values and Christian identity.
  • Continuously build self-capacity and related skills, improve the performance and productivities.
  • Implement the Performance and Development Management (PDM) system.
  • Build, coordinate, and maintain critical relationship with MFI staff, WVC, key development/ business partners, other MFIs, and stakeholders.
  • Seek the understanding of relationship between MFI and Partner.
  • Attend the meeting with departments, units, and others to share and discuss on operation issues and others.
  • Perform other tasks that may be assigned by Business Development Manager and other relevant management.
  • Manage subordinators including development plan, monitoring and evaluation to the assigned task as well as the capacity building to perform their job well through continuous on the job training and other method.
  • Provide support to subordinators by facilitating and encouraging them to unlock the issues and challenges.
  • Provide leadership and management behavior and attitudes which exemplify and encourage others to follow MFI’s mission, core values and Christian identity.
  • Be supportive to and uphold Christian values and principle. Regularly the staff spiritual and nurture activities.

Job Requirement
  • University degree in economics, management, marketing, finance or business administration.
  • Have at least two-year work related experience in the financial sector especially in the field of product development, business development, and project management.
  • Good knowledge of economics and financial topics
  • Must have a strong numeric and analytical skills and be capable to systematically and critically think on things need to be done for any specific job assignment;
  • Have good organizational skills showing ability to manage multiple projects or strands of activity simultaneously to deadline;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication in English
  • Possess excellent computer knowledge – Microsoft Office, statistical software, etc
  • Have good training skills and ability to communicate to individual/group in clear, simple terms with collaborative, influential, and service-minded personality;
  • Have ability to work independently, self-managed, and proactively as a member of a small, busy team;
  • Have high integrity, honesty, and commitment and be able to work under pressure with high tolerance

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