Job summary

Phnom Penh
Bachelor Degree
Job type:
Full time
USD 800

Security Field Support Officer

Job Description

This position is responsible for the coordination of, and investigations into all security incidents relating to company’s assets, personnel and shipments carried by the company.
This is a stand-alone position required to work independently of other areas within operations. Investigative work will form a large part of the positions activities and the holder will be required to liaise with police and other law enforcement agencies as well as third party security organizations.

- Upholding effective security policies and procedures to ensure that company’s customers’ shipments are protected
- Conduct security audits and assist other departments
- Lodge police reports and liaise with the police and courts on criminal investigation matters. If necessary, represent the company in court proceedings.
- Initiate and maintain law enforcement liaison with local authorities to provide assistance when needed and to exchange information in accordance with company policy.
- Coordinates investigations carried out locally by country or aviation resources and provide support, guidance and expertise to the investigation process and the resulting follow-up activity.
- Manages and Maintains the Security Incident Database for all security incidents.
- Conducts investigations into security incidents e.g. loss/theft of shipments, company assets, and criminal acts against property or personnel.
- Assist and guide local and regional management in the handling of often complex legal, personnel and procedural issues and minimize the company’s exposure to liability in any civil or criminal actions that may result from the incidents investigated
- Apply analytical processes to gauge losses, estimate the probability of recurrence, the financial impact and, most importantly take a pro-active counter measures.
- Produce monthly reports of incidents and the subsequent investigations to country and regional management.
- In the area of preventive security, the investigations managers activities shall include threat assessments; advice and counsel to management on dealing with those threats; employee education and public awareness programs; consultation with employees and management on Code of Conduct matters
- Comply with company policy, civil laws and national Labor Relations Rulings when conducting investigations to ensure the company is not exposed to criminal or civil charges.
- Security assessment of new products and services; and the establishment of security standards, policies and practices to protect the company personnel, property, revenues, information and other assets.

Job Requirement

- Bachelor Degree in Law, Business Administration or related field is required.
- Good Computer Skills: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet, Email
- Good in Speaking/Reading/Writing English and Khmer
- Analytical Skill
- Negotiation Skill
- 3 years’ experience including a proven supervisory role
- Excellent investigative skill
- Excellent communication and report writing skills
- Ability to follow up diligently and resolve cases/ issues in a timely and effective manner
- Be a good listener in order to clarify needs.
- Have a good knowledge of databases and related technology
- Ability to collate all necessary information with strong attention to detail
- Maintain performance under pressure and be able to respond to deadlines and urgent situations.
- Be proactive, have a sense of urgency and initiative to respond to customers’ needs.
- Be conscientious, honest, reliable and meet commitments
- Maintain a good corporate image when dealing with customers
- Minimum 3 years in law enforcement agency or equivalent
- Strong contact with relevant local government bodies


Ps; USD 800 and other benefit

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