Job summary

Phnom Penh
Bachelor Degree
Job type:
Full time
Up to 1,000

Corporate Sales Manager

Job Description

Job Purpose:

The Job Holder is responsible of  the Corporate Sales and of the management of the Corporate Service Executives.

Targets:  Sale the Corporate Sales offers                                               

Other:     Manage the Corporate Sales Team      

Principal Accountabilities:

  • Plans, manages and monitors the activities of staff involved in the development and enhancement of the Business Accounts, VIP & Commercial Sales client base in order that the Company’s short, medium and long term objectives can be achieved.
  • Develops, seeks approval for, and implements policies and procedures for the Business Accounts department that will support and facilitate the achievement of the company’s business aims.
  • Trains, develops and motivates staff to enable them to develop effective networks, cultivate and manage client relationships and represent the Company to maximum advantage.
  • Develops and implements strategic market positioning and business development plans targeting Business Accounts clients from different sectors and  size to ensure growth and sales targets are achieved, or exceeded.
  • Develops, implements and monitors the results of sharply focused customer care programs ensuring that they deliver superior services that exceed expectations and generate increased customer loyalty
  • Takes a proactive approach to raising client awareness of new product and services in order to generate new business and increase revenues. Participates in the planning of new product launches, ensuring that Business Account, VIP and Commercial Sales clients are provided with advance notice to reinforce preferred status and optimize sales opportunities
  • Acts as the sole focal point for all Business Account, VIP & Commercial Sales clients and co-ordinates their activities to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Identifies market and business opportunities, in liaison with Marketing, for further business development or the introduction of new products or services to meet client needs and requirements.
  • Plans and manages technical staff involved in line activations for Business Accounts, VIP and Commercial Sales clients ensuring appropriate level of priority is accorded and that service standards are to desired levels.

Operating Environment:

  •  The critical responsibility for the Sales functions is to achieve the sales target defined by the Head of Sales.   
  • The Corporate Sales Manager is expected to work the minimum hours specified by the Company and to work all other hours necessary to ensure the success of their operation. 


Communications and Working Relationships: 

  •  This role requires continual involvement with the other senior operational managers and regular contact with operational staff in the front line.  The Corporate Sales Manager has to be able to present information and proposals accurately and convince his peers of their value.
  •  A strong relationship is needed with Corporate Customers and business partners. The Corporate Sales Manager must foster external relationships with suppliers to get the best possible deals and the best possible service and delivery levels from supplier’s at the most optimum sales terms for the Company.


Framework, Boundaries, Decision Making Authority and Responsibility:

  • The Corporate Sales Manager works within broad guidelines and directions set by the Head of Sales with a key role helping the Corporate Sales Executives develop it’s thinking on the positioning of the Company in its approach to the market.
  • The Corporate Sales Manager has the necessary authority to make enquiries necessary to enable him/her to fully complete their tasks as encapsulated herein, and to escalate to Corporate Sales Director where this authority is not complied with.
  • The Corporate Sales Manager has the full responsibility for providing correct and on-time reporting of such matters to the Head of Sales.
  • Responsibilities include operational planning, implementing and managing business.




Job Requirement

Knowledge Skills and Experience:

  • University degree
  • 5 years of experience as Corporate Sales Manager
  • Excellent Khmer communication skills (oral and written)
  • English communication skills (oral and written)
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Strong Sales awareness
  • Tenacity
  • Able to work in a multi- cultural environment
  • Ability to deal with big companies
  • Able to work at multi levels
  • Strong team leadership ability and interpersonal skills. 
  • Proceed systematically and build structures
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • proficiency in Microsoft office and data management


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